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  • Who is Skywide?

    Skywide is a subsidiary of the Kimmeridge Carbon Solutions fund, managed by Kimmeridge Energy Management Company, LLC, an energy-focused private equity firm founded in 2012. The fund is dedicated to pursuing renewable energy and carbon reduction opportunities across the United States.

  • Will selling my rights impact my taxes?

    This will vary by state and transaction. While Skywide does not provide tax advice and recommends consulting your tax advisor, we will work with you to structure an agreement in a way that best meets your financial goals.

  • Will I still own the land?

    Yes, in most states we are able to purchase the wind and/or solar rights without any transfer of the underlying land. In certain circumstances, it may be beneficial to transfer a small portion of land with the rights, which can revert back at a nominal price when the wind turbines are decommissioned.

  • Who will receive payments for new towers, crop damages, or new roads?

    As the surface owner, you will continue to receive all payments associated with impact to your lands. Skywide will only receive revenue associated with the potential or actual energy produced from the solar panels or turbines.

  • How will this affect the sale of my property in the future?

    The ability to sell or transfer ownership of your surface separately from the wind or solar rental/royalty payments will not be affected.

  • Why would I want to sell?

    By receiving an upfront payment, you will have the optionality to use future income immediately – potentially allowing you to diversify investments, pay down debt, or make other improvements to your property. At the same time, you will minimize the risk that the renewable energy installed on your property will stop producing and be removed without further payment.

  • How long will Skywide receive my payments?

    Every property and lease is unique and an agreement can be structured in many ways, for example: number of years, life of the lease, or in perpetuity. We pride ourselves on creative terms that meet the needs of all parties. There is no one size fits all approach at Skywide.

  • Do I have to sell all of my rights?

    No, Skywide would be happy to partner with you and come to an agreement where you retain a certain percentage of your rights.

  • What if I want to sell my land along with the wind and/or solar rights?

    Skywide would be happy to review the land and potentially make you an offer to purchase it along with any wind and/or solar rights.

  • Can I structure a sale as a 1031 exchange?

    Yes, Skywide will work with you to structure the transaction in the most tax efficient manner.

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