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Appraisal and Compensation

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01 Send in Materials

Landowners seeking a valuation should submit the following details and documents: Property location or land deed, operational start date for wind/solar farm, signed wind/solar lease or easement agreement, and check stubs if available. Depending on the type of renewable energy generation on your property we may request further information, such as the number of wind turbines on the property or amount of acres covered by solar panels.

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02 Evaluation

Skywide will prepare a valuation specific to your property and return an offer for your review. Should a landowner have any questions regarding how the valuation was prepared, our team is always willing to share our calculations and answer any additional inquiries you may have.

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03 Signing

After reaching a mutually agreed upon sales price, Skywide will send the landowner a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA). This document will outline the transaction value, the mechanics of the purchase, the due diligence period, and the closing date. In most cases, the due diligence period will not exceed 30-45 days.

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04 Compensation

Once all items outlined in the PSA have been fulfilled, Skywide will issue a check or wire transfer to the landowner in exchange for the signed property deed. At this stage the transaction is complete!

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